Hi! guys my name is Neha Upreti. I live in DELHI, INDIA. I have done my bachelors in electrical engineering and I am a writer at heart. My idea of writing blogs is to provide information in simple language and content should relatable so that everyone can read and could relate to it. I know the struggles we have to face while organizing our life and get our life on track. being a lazy nerd myself I could relate to it and know what are the hurdles we have in front of us, I am going to share all this here.

I love reading novels, Writing, listening to music sometimes singing also, dancing and Blogging.                                                                   

What this website has to offer?

1. It gives you practical and at the same time, simple approach ideas to make your life better and effective with helping articles.

2. It gives you motivational short Stories which keeps your faith high and boost you to FOCUS on your goal.

3. It gives you stories of the legends to understand how they have started and got where they are now. It will defiantly help you in keeping spirits high. this will be detailed biography so that you don’t need to go anywhere else to fetch another information. you’ll find everything here

4. It gives book reviews on some of the very influential books. It not only gives you reviews but a premise of the book. I know many of you want to read a book but don’t have time to actually read it. here you can read it in 5 min or less. Some books that changed my life and surely will yours too.

Thank you for stopping by..

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