“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

– Winston Churchill

Born as an inquisitive living species on earth, we humans have the power to change odds in our favor then why we feel restless, disappointed, and hopeless when time and tide goes against us? Why worthless things bother us more than worthy ones? Why we panic when things do not go the way we designed or thought them to be? Very simple because we lose HOPE –that things will work, in the end, good fortune will prevail.

HOPE – I think I spell right, most powerful armor against failure yet so difficult to rely on. Most majestic word yet so elusive in the human dictionary. Progressing in the sense but retreating in our thoughts. Why cannot we understand that sometimes it’s good to taste failure and learn from them, smile and hope that things will fall on the right place sooner or later but this does not mean that sit idle and do not do any hard work and think that harry potter magic wand will help you?

            Life often throws curve balls at us to test how powerful we can hit it, but we in this era of the fast-moving world wants everything to be quick and easy and fails to understand that these tests are the core stone of our success stairs. We compare our lives, situations, standards with others and here starts root of all problems. We stop implementing start thinking. Divert our attention to thoughts that should be used for some constructive work. On top of this, we are continuously surrounded by people who always try to demotivate and demoralize us.

ALWAYS REMEMBER NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Your thoughts govern your action and destiny. You and only you can change your life. Things will work definitely only if you change your perception. Look forward instead of leaning back. Do not fight every time, sometimes just relax to rejuvenate and synchronize your thoughts? Work instead of complaining, act instead of planning, execute instead of framing, and accept instead of expecting.

             Do not care about what the world says about you. Be bold to take a risk in your life. Dare to go against the path that already exists, create your own path, your own identity. Be the captain and master of your ship. We all are born free so why to cling on things that are not in our control. Keep trying and improving yourself. Do not afraid of failure and never ever surrender yourself because when you surrender yourself completely to situations and circumstances, you never return whole.


      I know it’s easy to say things and very difficult to practically follow them in reality. When continuously surrounded by failure and negative environment then how it is possible not to get demotivated, after all, we all are human beings pampered with emotions in our heart and thoughts (only lifeless creature will not have emotions.hmm).

Now, what to do, how to overcome all this mess? Again very simple and easy start building a closed system around you that have capacity to exchange work and information but not thoughts(I know I am being scientific this time but what can I do ,childhood se science hi padhi na ,hahaha) , meditate , travel , know yourself ( I am very sure most of us do not know what our   true potential because we never find time for  our self) ,believe ,trust ,give time to yourself , be in contact with nature ,learn from it.

Although earth is a planet, not a living entity still it works like us, feels like us, moves like us but the difference is that it never surrender no matter how mighty the storm is. It always builds a beautiful landscape after destruction, though it takes time to heel that place the portrait formed is even more mesmerizing and enthralling than before.

Life is beautiful despite odds, it has its own parameter, enjoy its roller coaster ride because you never know which ride can lead you to that ultimate path which we called as a success. (Here my success parameters are different from the human definition (of course I am also a human but different one), which I will discuss in my later post)

            Hope I have given some dose of inspiration to you guys if not a full tonic.

Thanks for reading..:)

I want to pay my sincere thanks to my friend Himani dhauni. This post is written by her.


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    1. Neha

      I am very glad that you commented on my article but I don’t understand the language you wrote. I would love to know if you translate that into English..:) lots of love.

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