On 26th may 1995, Microsoft started to expand its product line into computer networking and the World Wide Web. On 24th august, 1995, Microsoft launched a major online a major online service, MSN (Microsoft network as a direct competitor to AOL. MSN became an umbrella service for Microsoft online services. Microsoft entered the personal digital assistant (PDA) market in November with windows CE 1.0 a new built in version on of their flagship version OS, Specifically designed to run in low memory, low performance machines such as handheld and other small computers. Internet explorer 4.0 was released for both mac and windows which marks as taking over the market of browser rival Netscape. In October, Netscape filed a motion against Microsoft for violation of agreement signed in 1994.



Bill gates married to Melinda French, from Dallas, Texas on 1st January 1994 on the Hawaiian island of lanai. She was graduated from computer science and economics and was also a general manager on Microsoft. They have 3 children form the marriage.


Bill gates owns one of the most expensive houses in the world and it is a 21st century earth-sheltered home in the side of a hill overlooking lake Washington in medina, Washington. It took him 7 years and $63.2 million to make this estate. According to king county public records, the total assessed value of the property is $125 million. His annual property tax is $ 1 million.

Gates resides with his family in a lake facing house named Xanadu 2.0 in pacific lodge design, the ultra-modern home is spread across more than 66,000 sq. Feet consists of a waterfront area of about 55 feet and is carved into a hillside.

It consist of 7 bedrooms, 6 kitchens, 24 bathrooms and 10 full baths and 6 fireplaces. The interior ar from 7 different kind of stones and lot of glass on various woods.

His house address is: 835 73rd AVE NE, medina, WA 98039.

  • The house contains a big private library within oculus and a dome-shaped roof
  • A luxurious steam and a lavish sauna.
  • 4 car attached garage
  • An Olympic sized secluded swimming pool
  • Under water music system
  • 20 seater Art Deco Theater with 22 foot wide video display
  • Trampoline room adorned by 20 foot ceiling.
  • Computer- controlled lights slowly turn on after entering the house, intensity of these light change with intensity of outdoor lights
  • Every gadget in the house controlled via portable touch pods.
  • Speakers are hidden inside the walls and music follows you from one to another room.
  • Guests wear special pin after entering the house.

Gates has a favorite tree:

He has a favorite maple tree who is about 40 years old. It is monitored by computer and it at any point becomes too try water is automatically pumped into it.

Gates artistic possessions:

1. One of the most expensive artistic acquisitions is the codex Leicester, a collection of writings by Leonardo da Vinci which he bought for $30.8 million at an auction in 1994.

2. He set a record for American art when he paid $36 million for Winslow homers “lost on the grand banks” in 1998

3. He also bought

  • “Polo crowd” by George for $28 million.
  • “Room of flowers” by Fredrick childe Hassam for $ 20 million
  • The nursery” by William merit chase for $ 1o million
  • Andrew Wythe’s “distant thunder” for $7 million

Gates is also an avid reader. The ceiling of his large library is engraved with a quotation from the great Gatsby. He also enjoy playing tennis. In 2001 he played a charity match with Jeff Bezos (amazon founder).

Bill gates in the list of world richest man:

  1. In the list of “Forbes 400” from 1993 to 2007, gates was in the number one position.
  2. From 1995 to 2007 he was in the number one list of “THE WORLD RICHEST PEOPLE”.
  3. In 1999 gates surpassed $101 million, causing the media to call him to cent billionaire.

Since 2000, the value of Microsoft declined because of fall in Microsoft stock price. Also after he made a multibillion dollar donation to his charitable foundations.

In May 2006, in an interview he said that he wished he were not the no 1 in the list of richest man as he dislike the kind of attention it drives

Outside Microsoft:

  1. He founded CORBIS, a digital imaging company in 1989.
  2. He became a director of Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company headed by warren buffet in 2004.

Gates private jet:

Gate has a private jet which he bought in 1997 for $ 21 million. Asking about this he said ‘owning a plane is a guilty pleasure. I do get to a lot of places for foundation work I wouldn’t be able to go without it’. Gates take educational trips with his son. They have toured many mines, electric plants and missile silos and they have even taken a trip to the large hadron collider in Geneva

Gates possessions with cars

Gates is fond of fast cars. He owned a Porsche 930 turbo, a Mercedes, a jaguar XJ6, a Carrera cabriolet 964 and a Ferrari 348. In 1979, he bought a Porsche 911 that he used to race around the dessert.

Bill Gates Island:

THE GRAND BOGUE CAYE, the largest island in the republic of Belize is owned by bill gates. This wonder of nature is 314 acres in size and consist of coral flats, large beaches, forests and incredible marine life such as tunicates, dolphins and glistering starfish.


1. KBE Order:

In March 2005, bill gates was facilitated with KBE order (knight commander of the most excellent order of the British empire ) for his services in reducing poverty and improving health in development countries of the world from the queen of England queen Elizabeth II. The KBE order of the British Empire is the 2nd highest order given out. As only the British citizen gets the full order of the award, gates didn’t become Sir Bill gates.

2. Innovator of the year award:

It was given at CEA’s second annual digital patriots’ dinner held in Washington DC. ON March 15th.the award was given for the reorganization of Gates success in revolutionizing the way personal computers and Microsoft software now fit into everyday life.

3. Einstein award from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and American friends of the Hebrew university (AFHU):

This award pays tribute to today’s most original creative and effective thinker. Gates received this award at gala dinner held in New York, December, 02, 2008.

4. Order of the Aztec eagle award:

In November 2006 bill gate along with wife awarded with order for the Aztec eagle for their philanthropic work around the world in the areas of health and education specifically in Mexico, particularly for the program ‘un pais de lectores’

Other than these bill gates received honorary doctorates from different universities, some of them are listed below:

  1. Nyenrode business universiteit ,breukelen, the Netherlands,2000
  2. The royal institute of technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2002
  3. Waseda university, Tokyo, japan,2005
  4. Harvard university, June 2007
  5. Karolinska institute, Stockholm, January 2008.


Bill and Melinda foundation was very first founded in 1994 in the name of William h gates by bill gates, Melinda gates along with bill’s father.

After 3 years bill and Melinda created the gate library foundation.

Where one hand, William h gates foundation focused on global health, gates library foundation on other hand aimed to bring public access computers with internet connections to libraries in the United States.

In the year 2000 these two foundation got merged to one called as bill and Melinda gates foundation.

In June 2006, bill gates stepped down from a full time position in Microsoft because he wants to dedicate his full attention to the foundation.

The foundation also addresses global poverty and health issues

The foundation also gives beneficiaries information about how their money being spent.


In 2006, warren buffet gave a remarkable donation of $30 billion to bill and Melinda foundation.

Primary global health objectives:

  • Develop prevention strategies, vaccines and treatments for diseases such as HIV/AIDS malaria.


Foundation received criticism because it invest the assets that is has not yet distributed with the exclusive goal of maximizing the return on investment.

In 2011, the foundation officially announced its mission on improving equity in four areas

  1. Global health
  2. Education
  3. Access to digital information via public libraries
  4. Support for at risk families.

In 2015,

Melinda and bill gates to support progressive workplace polices announced 1 year paid leave for employees after birth of a child or adoption of a child.


  1. Foundation won the price of Asturias award for international cooperation in 2006
  2. In 2007 the foundation was awarded by Indira Gandhi peace prize (India) for disarmament and development.
  3. In 2015 India again facilitated the foundation with Padma bhushan (3rd highest civilian honor).



Well bill gates scholarship is designed to help low income students specifically African, Asian, Americans, native Americans, Hispanics and Asians. This is not as strict as other scholarship program.  It required only 3.3 GPA for eligibility.

The amount range according to the program you’re applying for.

How to get the scholarship?

It’s easy you just have to visit their site. And apply for the scholarship. You have to be really quick as the competition is quite tough.


Books of bill gates:

1. The Road ahead:

Published on October 1996, road ahead which is 286 pages, had bills vision of where information technology will take society. It was co-authored by Nathan myhrvold and Peter rinearson. It held the no 1 spot on New York best seller. And remained in that spot for 18 weeks.

2. [email protected] speed of light:

Published in 1999, it was written to inspire business man to demand and get more from technology. It received wide critical acclaim as it list on New York Times, USA

Gates donated whatever profit comes to non-profit organization.

Thanks for reading.

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