The Author of this book is Dr. Joseph Murphy. Dr. Joseph Murphy is widely known for his work in self-help books. He wrote 30 books on self-help in which the most famous is “the power of subconscious mind” this book was first published in 1963, became an immediate best seller. It was also acclaimed as one of the best self-help guides ever written.

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The book is 73 pages long, it is quite thin. It’s a soft cover book, with very good paper quality. I bought it from Amazon a while back, it is now available at a price of 68 INR rupees and you can check it out in your country accordingly.


If you’re a book worm you can complete in one read but even if you’re not into books that much you’ll able to finish it max 2 reads.


This book by Dr. Joseph Murphy is helpful in many ways. It tells you that you can achieve anything just by using your subconscious mind into work. He also teaches how with step by step process you can achieve your dreams. It demands you for only thing and that is believing in yourself.

You must not have any if and but about this thing. Your faith should be so high that fear and insecurities don’t have any room in your head. He also said that to achieve your dreams first you should have a clear of what you want. This book is full of examples of writers, artists, businessman etc. who achieved their dream by believing in themselves and using the tips and tricks given in the book.

Each one of us has immense potential but very few of us could get here we want to be, it is only because those who do they believe in themselves get away with any kind of obstacles they face in life with using the law of attraction (you will learn that in the book). With the right mental attitude, you can achieve anything.

This book consist of only three yet very powerful chapters.

  1. In the first chapter, you’ll learn about hoe with imagination you get to achieve success because before getting anything you need to imagine and to feel as if it is already there.
  2. In the second chapter, you’ll understand how to use your subconscious mind to manifest your dream. It also explained how negative people never get where they want to be.
  3. The third chapter is loaded with motivational talks and stories, you have to believe you’re already successful, you don’t need to seek it outside. It also helps those who don’t know what to manifest because they don’t really have a passion in life.

Overall this book is loaded with some serious example of how one can achieve anything in life.


Yes! Absolutely this book will get some fresh air for people who are in search of success. This book will give you all the energy and boost and will help you if you follow what exactly is written there.


If you have already read “Power of the subconscious mind” you don’t need to read this book, it is almost the same with fewer pages. This is for the one who doesn’t really have time to read these 300 pages book yet want to receive information.

So this was my review on this book you can comment down below if you want me to review any book for you. You can connect with me via Instagram or Facebook also.

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Thanks for reading..:)


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