There is nothing wrong with you, there is wrong with a world you live in

                   – Chris colfer

We all born with something unique within us that no other can fulfill. We know we have that inside us we love doing, in my case it was dancing, I loved dancing, I still do but I never had this in my mind to pursue it as my carrier, no one is to blame for it except me but there are so many cases where a child or a person want to pursue something he/she likes or wants but due to society he/she don’t even think to go there because that is not acceptable in the society.

From childhood, everyone around us tells us to study hard like that is the only way to live a happy and luxurious life. I am not contradicting the fact that knowledge’s important. Yes, it is! it makes a human humble and kind but studying is not the only source of knowledge, like if you have a knowledge of cooking and you do it well you can become a chef, likewise if you a have a knowledge of music you can become a singer or a composer. All I want to say that the bookish knowledge is not the only knowledge we need. Not everybody like to become a physician, an engineer, a doctor or a scientist etc.

Many of us also want to become a writer, a singer, a mechanic, a travel blogger, an actor and a cook etc. but sadly we don’t like to come that part of us out in public and we pursue which is more acceptable to society and we name that as a hobby. I mean painting is a proper profession but we make it a hobby only. When we try to tell our parents what we want to do we face rejection like one of my friend ,, she wanted to become a fashion designer but her father didn’t approve her to pursue, she also didn’t fight for it because she doesn’t have that courage to fight with her father.

Those who fight for their passion (a big salute to them) we make them a heroic personality but my question is why we should fight for what we want to do in the first place? isn’t that our basic right? Why we can’t be open about it? Because society made these norms of respectable jobs which if you do one of them you will get immense respect for and this is so overwhelming that others also want that and therefore forget what they really want and run after these kinds of respectable jobs.

My love for dancing was kind of acceptable in society but I ran after those jobs which a socially respected or worshipped because I also wanted that respect but there are works which don’t come under any category like my cousin he loves doing dishes, cleaning basically all household chores but a man cannot be seen as a homemaker why a man always have to be a bread earner of the house because all these have been set in our society and we are following them blindly without questioning anyone.


 The problem lies in that the society sees every person form same glasses we should understand that we cannot judge ever person from same parameters like I heard a story of a jungle, once upon a time in a jungle every animal was told to gather near a tree, as told everyone came, monkey, tiger, elephant, kangaroo and fish and they have been told to climb the tree. Now you can easily see how unfair is this to a fish and how biased is this to a monkey. She dies thinking that she is the weakest among all. Little did she know that the main problem was in the exam Likewise every person’s ability is different, everyone is different from one another we should not compare them. Let them bloom in their own castle and you never know what extraordinary things they can come up.


Well the society is YOU, the society is ME, we both make a society and pass a judgment whenever we see something out of our familiarity or acceptance, we make a person feel bad or weird enough to not try that ever again or hesitant to give that thing a try.


As a society we can get more responsible towards each other. We should learn to ACCEPT a person the way he is, with no off and buts and that change will start with you when you stop judging a person with a way he looks or speaks or whatever he do. A change will come and that will be a very strong change. Start doing this.

                                       ALWAYS REMEMBER THE CHANGE IS YOU

Thanks for reading… 🙂


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