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We as human beings compromise on a lot of things not knowing that we deserve a lot better than that and settle for things we get in our way. We don’t even complain or try to get over that. Some of us are so ignorant about it that life is not meant for staying at the same place, doing the same things every day and settle only for the weekends, NO! We are infinite souls, we are meant to experience everything best in the world and we are worthy to experience it and for that, all we need is to realize self-worth and take a step towards making life worth living.

To live a life to its fullest it is you who have to do some changes in our life, it may trouble your daily life for some time and it is very normal also. Whenever we bring a change in life it disturbs for a while because a change is happening not for the good but for the best.

Here I am going to tell you (15 ways where you can change your life and live it to its fullest):

1. Try new things:

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was the last time you learnt something new? As we grow up, we stop learning things. We settle with things we already knew and spend our life like that only and then complain about the monotonous life we are living. You have to break the monotony, nobody else will do that for you. Try something new every day, it should not always be big things, you can start with small things and then proceed to big things. It could be as small as learning how to paint (basic) and as big as learning any musical instrument you love listening to. This way it brings a new excitement in your daily life and you will always excited to look forward to the day.

2. Go out:

Staying at home all day don’t bring any change in your personality, you will remain the same person. I know that some people are introvert and they hesitate talking to strangers. Well! You don’t have to talk to strangers, you can go out with your family and friends and then you can try and build friendship with others around. See if there anyone who can align with you soul and can transform you. By going out and meeting people you will exchange your thoughts which gives you knowledge about a lot of outside things and enhance your personality.

3. Try new dishes/food:

One of the best stress buster is food. Good food can immediately enhance you mood. In this whole world, every country is special and unique from their food habits. Don’t just gulp the same food every day. Explore the cuisine. In India as well there are 29 states and in all the states the food culture is different. Likewise In the world there are different cuisine, try different cuisine every day to change your taste. You can have the recipe from the internet. Buy the ingredients and start cooking to make you day. Cooking is also known as the stress buster for some. Start and try your hands on it. If you have kids it will be a festival for them every day.

4. See the sunrise:

When you wake up early you have these extra hours in which you can mediate or can Plan you day ahead but more than that when you wake up early and you see the sunrise, you witness the beauty of nature. Sunrise not only looks divine but it also gives us positive energy and a sign to a beautiful start. Include this in your daily routine and I bet you will never regret this decision because overtime it will change you personality and make you a much more calmer and peaceful person

5. Take risk:

Comfort zone is a very addicted and safe place to be but it doesn’t give you a successful life. As it is a saying that “A ship is always safe ashore but that is not what it is meant for” exactly is in our case. we spend our life remaining in a comfort zone because we fear the change. We don’t want to be judged for trying something new and different. Always remember the people who don’t take risk will always clap for others achievement and envy them secretly. Do you want to be like them? No? Then wake up and start doing and don’t stop until the goal is reached.

6. Adventure:

Explore new and unexplored places. I am not telling you to go to other countries and spend money for it. You can explore nearby places which are less explored. For this you need to do some research, use the internet for that, see what places you can visit that are under you reach and budget but at the same time is worth a visit. Go there alone or with friends, take all the experience, appreciate the nature and write about it. This way you can count how many places you have visited and what are yet to be explored.

7. Find your passion:

Finding a passion for a lot of people is an impossible task to do. They don’t know their calling because from childhood we used to suppress our liking and concentrate on studies because that is what we are told to do.

If you want to find your passion take a pen and paper. List down all the things you like, write down even silliest of things and try all of them. The below points I saw on social media I don’t think it can be explain any better. Here is how you can develop a passion.

  • Experiment with a ton of stuff.
  • Identify things that spark your interest.
  • Engage deeply with those things
  • As you engage , if it goes from interest to true fascination, go down the path of gaining mastery
  • Fascination + mastery= passion.

8. Don’t hold grudges:

When you hold grudges you always tend to dive back in the past and it not only take your energy but also resist you to welcome good things in your life. Forgiveness is not for the others but for one’s own soul. Let it go, everything you went through was not easy but to have a beautiful future you need to let go the things to embrace the new chapter of your life.

9. Travel:

Travel not only give you experience but make you love and keeps you close with the nature. Travel also let you meet new people, their culture and its beauty, if you are at a tight budget and you cannot go abroad, start visiting different places of you country or nearby

 Countries which are not so heavy on pocket, you will be amazed you see that too. Start saving every month for travel make a dedicated box for it and label it as ( travel box) and whenever it have enough cash to afford a trip , take it.

10. Don’t waste your time on social media:

Now I am not telling you to stop using it because

 (a) It is impossible (very difficult in today’s world).

 (b) It gives you a glimpse of what happening in the world as well.

I am just saying to use it wisely, utilize it, don’t just watch anything but relevant things which can give you information about things you like and helps you to grow. I was also once intimidated by Instagram followers, my routine was to wake up every day and to check how many followers I gain and as you know about Instagram statistics it sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down. So whenever I used to open Instagram and see losing followers, I used to think where I did I go wrong, why people are running away from my account? And this whole though used to ruin my whole day and also resist me to do other work efficiently because this was the only thing running behind my head always.

So, now the only solution I have of it is to stop giving my attention to that and work on my content because that’s the only thing in my hand I can work and improve on, nothing else.

11. Exercise

Exercise increase your blood blow in the body and opens up your brain which helps you being creative and more productive in a day. Take an extra 15 minutes daily from your day and devote all your energy here when you doing this because these 15 minutes will help you keep active and productive for the rest of the day.

12. Don’t resist to love back again:

We all went through some past experiences, and some of them are so disturbing that we don’t want to think about it again, so is the matter of love, after failing on it for the first time we don’t want to fail again and the best possible way to not fail again is to never love again. This is how we block all the love and experiences coming our way. When we broke apart, we kind of close all the doors and resist our self to open that for others. Don’t do that! Please, if one relation didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that others will also be like that. Nurture love and allow people to come into your life, this time more carefully.

13. Make a wish list:

Make a list of things you wanted to do for the longest time. It can be as silly as it sounds like watching butterflies, dancing on streets, or anything like that. Post it in your study or on your room wall from where it is clearly visible to you. Make a diary and write down all the experiences you had after doing that one by one. If possible take pictures also and paste it in your diary where you write your experience regarding it. This will give you immense joy and you can show this to your children or grandchildren that how cool you were. It will certainly give them inspiration to live their life like yours.

14) Help the needy:

The real secret of happiness is in helping others and when you help those who cannot give you anything in return are the one who gives you the real happiness.  You can give free classes to poor children who cannot afford to attend a school or tuition. This will not only help them but also your country because they’re the future of the country. One of my friend do the same  every weekend, rather going to bar to chill with friends, he goes to his village where he gives classes to poor children free of cost.

15) Talk to people (old):

When we talk with old people, we are also sneaking into an era without even going there. Old people are wise people they will tell you things  that will astonish you and gives you chill when they tell how they survived during freedom movement, what the government was like at that time, How much the culture have changed since then and lot of other amazing things.

Spend time with them, it will do two things.

(a) You will get amazing real knowledge where you won’t get anywhere else.

(b) You give them company and that what they want the most in this stage of their life.

This life is very precious gift given to us by the universe. don’t waste it just by sitting on couch eating popcorns and reading this article. Take an action on it. Start living today!

Thanks for reading… 🙂


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